Area 81 Racing Stays in the Fight at Summit Point

August 22, 2021 – Area 81 Racing scored a third and fifth place finish at Summit Point over the weekend, keeping the team in contention for 2nd place in the championship. The team missed the first qualifying session after completing less than two laps during Friday’s practice sessions. Tim Pierce pushed the JDR through the field to finish 3rd in Race 1 on Saturday after starting last, earning the Sonoco Hard Charger award in the process. He would also navigate his way through to finish 5th on Sunday in another highly competitive Race 2.

The most interesting detail of the weekend was these results were earned in another car! The team discovered on Friday that the freshly installed engine in the 81 car was having oil pressure issues, which would have to be removed from the chassis to investigate. It was a risky proposition because they were unsure if they could pull the motor, resolve the issue, and reinstall it at the track. They also were not confident they could do so before Race 1 on Saturday, which would result in losing desperately needed points. The #99 JDR, owned and operated by Arrive and Drive Motorsports, was at the track and available for rent. The team had a difficult decision: pack it in or try the #99.

Tim Pierce, driver #99 – “Watching Q1 from Turn 3 made it an easy decision to rent the 99. We had already invested time and money to be there, so it seemed silly to head home. We really needed the points to stay in contention for 2nd in the championship. It was a bit of a surprise to Dustin and Jerry, but they both worked feverishly to make the car comfortable and competitive. The 99 car is the prototype and has won multiple national championships. We could have been on the podium on Sunday as well but we think a coil pack was going bad, which caused the engine to be down on power. I’d catch guys in the turns but they’d pull away coming out. Fortunately, we earned 36 points that we wouldn’t have otherwise and we’re still in the hunt.”

The next event on the schedule is the season finale at Pittsburgh Race Complex in Wampum, PA on October 16th & 17th. Be sure to check out our live stream on the NorthAmF1000 Facebook page. Thanks to our crew, series, sponsors, and competitors for a fantastic weekend.