Persistence Pays Off at Road Atlanta March Majors

Waterfall/Area 81 Racing Car # 18 crew shook off the rust nearly ten months after clinching a share of the 2016 SARRC Championship. Their persistence payed dividends in the form of a 3rd and 2nd place finish in the SCCA Majors, as well as 1st and 2nd in the North American F1000 Championship Series.

The final results were a welcome swing of fortune from Thursday and Friday. At 9pm Thursday night, Fred Mills-Winkler and Patsy Pierce began a 12 hour round trip to Car #18 HQ to retrieve safety equipment left behind. Powerful storms with 50mph winds kept everyone on edge throughout the night. The team worked tirelessly on Friday to ensure the engine installed just 5 days earlier was up to task, while also applying the Road Atlanta setup. They would finally get the opportunity to shake the car down in Practice session 2. It would require major setup adjustments after Practice sessions 3, 4, and Qualifying on Saturday to accommodate new American Racer Tires and a cold track. Sunday morning rain and temperatures struggling to get out of the 30s, resulted in very poor grip and hazardous conditions.

Tim Pierce Car # 81 – “I am thrilled with our results after the challenges the team faced to start the weekend. We would not have been able to gain valuable test data had mom and Fred not driven home throughout the night to get my neck restraint, arm restraints, and driving shoes. I would not have been competitive without the valuable testing on Friday. After not driving the car since May, it took two or three sessions to feel comfortable again. We worked tirelessly on Friday and Saturday to ensure we had a reliable and competitive setup. We had another round of clogged injectors, which really killed the power during Qualifying. The weather didn’t help either. It was warm, then wet, then reasonable, then cool, then wet, then really cold. A wreck and a spin out happened in front of me during the warm up lap of Race 2. I knew if I could just stay consistent and keep the car on the track that I would have a chance at a podium. We were not the fastest car out there but we had a reliable car. I drove a clean race and it payed off!

I’d also like to say thanks to American Racer Tire, Primus Racing, Sonoco, Jongbloed, George Dean Racing Engines, Taylor Engineering, Rilltech, and HRP for supporting the North American F1000 Championship Series. Also hats off to the competitors who have helped organize a great series. Special thanks to Area 81 Racing sponsors Waterfall Security Solutions, Franklin Insurance Agency, and Briky. None of this would be possible without Ray Pierce, Nate Field, Patsy Pierce, and Fred Mills-Winkler in our crew.”

The next race on the Area 81 Racing schedule is the April 14-16th US Majors Spring Sprints at Virginia International Raceway. Stay tuned to and our FaceBook Page à for highlights.